1. Lighting Fixtures

    LED lighting is believed to be the biggest revolution in lighting technology since the invention of lamp by Edison. Today, the LED bulbs have begun to replace the commonly used halogen, fluorescent lamp, and sodium for lighting purposes. The LEDs will be the light source of the future with their high efficiency, low energy consumption and up to 100.000 hours life-span. These devices are made of semi-conductive chips on surface-mounted module in the body of a standard lamp. The working principle based on semi-conductor technology that directly produces photon (light) when current flows through the LED chip.

    Is there a better light than a lighting system that can work for 8 hours a day, intact for nearly 35 years and consumes ten times less energy than an ordinary light bulb? In short, new technology called LED (Light Emitting Diode) will illuminate our streets and homes as well as the cars. This lighting system has a record for durability. Even it depends on the operating current, temperature and color having 100.000 hours working life is the biggest advantage of all. However new it is, this new lighting system is already in use in broad spectrum from automobile headlights to the home using. Moreover, being long lasting is not the only advantage of this technology but it will also providea great deal of electricity saving.

    If LED technology dominates 50% percent of the USA market then 17 gigawatt of electricity consumption will decline in the country.This is equivalent to seventeen conventional nuclear power plants.